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You can try several lessons of Japanese traditional ceremonies and arts at Shiroyama inn. For example,tea ceremony,incense-smelling ceremony,Japanese calligraphy and dressing japanese kimono. Each lesson is available as an option at a cost of 4,000 yen.

1.lesson of the way of tea

Japanese sweets called ocha gashi (tea sweets) are served with powdered green tea . You can make powdered green tea by yourself after tea master served. Tea master explains history of the way of tea and tea things as necessary. You can also enjoy fragrance of incense burned in charcoal-pot during tea lesson.

2.lesson of Japanese calligraphy

In this lesson you can try to write with a writing brush and high-quality calligraphic paper. In the end of lesson,Calligraphy teacher gives to you service such as writing your name in kanji.

3.dressing japanese kimono

You can select favorite kimono over ten types. Dressing teacher helps you to dress kimono.

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tel: 0743-73-4717